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Ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done?  Okay, so these smartphone apps can’t make the day longer, but they can help you manage the hours you do have.  While there’s thousands of apps out there (and who has time to search the app store?), here’s a start at a list that could make our daily routines run a little more smoothly.  And what busy mom wouldn’t love that?

Did we mention that most of these are either inexpensive or free? Be sure to comment on these after you give them a try, and add your favorites to our list.

KidsDoc – from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

We love the AAP website, www.HealthyChildren.org,   and this is an iPhone app of their sick child symptom checker.  Is it a sprained ankle or something more serious?  How high could your baby’s fever get before it can be dangerous? This app is a great way to help you decide if it’s time to call the doctor, or just give your little one a little TLC.

SitorSquat Bathroom Finder:

Hey, we’ve all been there.  You’re out running errands, and your just-potty trained toddler has to go.  NOW.  This multiplatform app not only finds the nearest clean bathroom, it even features reviews and photos by other users of bathrooms in the area.

Coupon Sherpa:

It might sound cliché, but this app is perfect for you moms on the go.  It uses your location to track down discounts and deals at businesses in the area.  Find a deal you like?  Just head into the store, grab your item, and go to the checkout.  Most coupons are displayed with a numerical code or barcode that can be scanned directly from your iPhone’s screen at checkout.  If retailers can’t enter the coupon from the information on your phone, you can always print off the coupon when you get home and use it another day.

Mom Maps:

Now that you’re ready to have some fun with the kiddos, what should you do?  No matter what part of town you’re in, this app will help you locate kid-friendly activities and businesses in your area.  Want to go to a new park or playground?  Or check out a new museum exhibit?  No problem.  The app gathers information, reviews, and directions to places in a variety of categories.

Runmeter GPS Running:

Are you a runner, power walker, or just on your feet all day?  This is the perfect app for active moms who want to track the distance you’ve covered and calories burned during your daily run or just your daily grind! For under five bucks, this iPhone app is a steal compared to some of the stand alone devices with similar functions sold at sports and outdoors shops.  This app can even be used when you’re listening to music on your iPhone.

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