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It’s that time of the year once again. No, not the Holidays, but the end of another school year and all the events that follow. From recitals, end of year school parties, proms and graduations. Everybody is excited and if not, at least relieved, that another school year has come to an end.   And we all say the same thing year after year: “Where did the time go, has it really been a whole year?”

Family life is full of these rituals that give us a framework and at the same time an opportunity to make memories and cement a foundation of love and security for our children. It tells them that they are important and we value their achievements. Celebrations also give us meaning and an opportunity to partake in our community at large. A time to reflect.

Here are some tips to make celebrations even more special:

1-    As much as kids hate the moms taking pictures (at least mine do), go right ahead and take as many pictures as possible. With all our fancy technology this is easier than ever.

2-    Always include everyone in the pictures, not just the celebrant. Group pictures provide a sense of community as the children view them later on in life.

3-    Encourage the children to write thank you notes, or at least an e-mail with an attached photo to those who participated in the event in any way.

4-    Don’t forget the refrigerator or should I say your computer screen! That imposing, all-important place in the family household to frame that special picture.

Your children may not seem to care at this stage of their lives but I guarantee, that with time, they will all look back and laugh ‘til they cry as they see the pictures and remember these special events of family life.

Stay well and have safe, fun summer,

Dr. de Freitas

PS Jeff, has it really been 35 years of marriage? Happy Anniversary!

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