How to Pick a Pediatrician

Getting Referrals.

Get referrals from family and friends:
– Why do they recommend their doctor?
– How long have they been with them?
– What’s the office atmosphere like?

Make sure you feel comfortable with the pediatrician you choose:
– Is the doctor warm, compassionate and open minded to your thoughts and feelings?
– Does he/she complement your personality?
– Are you comfortable asking questions, no matter how trivial, to the doctor?

Before making a decision, schedule an interview with the doctor:
– See the office in action.
– Ask some general questions, like what should you do if your child is sick and it’s after office hours.

“Dr. Barbadillo was my doctor when I was a baby and now that I have a baby she is her doctor. I love her clinic, it’s always neat and clean. Just wanted to say thank you!”

– Anonymous