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Occupational Therapy FAQs

Pediatric medicine is primarily about prevention. We spend the majority of our day doing well checks to be sure our patients are growing and developing as expected. We give vaccines to prevent ...


Summer Camp 2021

After a year of mostly staying home, inside, with very little physical activity, letting your kids loose at camp sounds like a perfect summer plan. Camp provides many benefits to children of all ...


Schools: should they open this fall?

It’s July 2020. We’ve been experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic for 4 months. With schools scheduled to open in 6-8 weeks, it’s a tragedy that we haven’t gotten this virus under control, at least ...


Cold vs. Flu Symptoms

During the winter months it can feel like cold and flu symptoms are never ending when you have young kids. Sometimes it can be challenging to differentiate between a cold and the flu making it ...

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“Dr. Barbadillo was my doctor when I was a baby and now that I have a baby she is her doctor. I love her clinic, it’s always neat and clean. Just wanted to say thank you!”

– Anonymous